Chiro For Kids

41590888_scaled_288x205.jpg Dr. Breitenstein has taken a number of courses on examining, diagnosing and treating infants and children. Despite what some chiropractors may say, treating children is very different than treating adults.

Children's bones are not fully developed and thus need special care. There are special examining techniques as well as special adjusting techniques for children from newborns up to full mature spines.

Dr. Breitenstein has completed the 1st half of the diplomate program in pediatrics. This gives her far more knowledge in treating infants and children than your average chiropractor. 

2221736_scaled_115x175.jpeg Why is chiropractic care important for kids?

Children have developing spines. Their bones are not fully ossified until their early to late teens. Until then they have open growth plates that are vulnerable to trauma, illness and injuries. Chiropractic care can keep childrens spines in proper alignment and allow their nervous system to function at its best. This can prevent your children from having their growth plates close up prematurely and can also prevent unneccessary spinal degeneration later in their lives.

4382778_scaled_186x280.jpeg What can chiropractic help my child with?

Chiropractic adjustments help realign children's spines just like an adults. It takes pressure off of their nerves and keeps them functioning properly.

Chiropractic care for children has also been scientifically proven to help with colic, ear infection, allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, bedwetting and much more. The reason it works is because of the effect the adjustment has on your childs nervous system. The impulse of the adjustment triggers the nervous system sending a multitude of impulses to the brain. This in turn helps the areas of the brain that control the individual conditions function optimally. The reason most children develop these conditions is basically because the brain and the body are not communicating due to a blockage in their ability to send information. This blockage most of the time is due to the nerves being piched by a bone out of place. Once that bone is put back into place with an adjustment the info is allowed to be sent from brain to body since the blockage is gone.

What causes my child's subluxations (bones out of place)?

Kids will be kids!!! Every time your toddler falls, jumps off the couch like superman or wrestles with dad, they can subluxate a bone. Every time you give birth to a child, they have a tight rigorous journey into this world that subluxates a lot of bones. Everytime your child goes to the park and jumps off a swing, falls running up a slide, gets tackled playing football with the neighborhood kids, they potentially subluxate even more bones.

Like I said, kids will be kids, and as a parent myself, we learn to deal with it. Most parents think it is normal for kids to beat themselves up that way. Which is fine to think, however, most parents don't realize they can help their children by fixing all those bones out of place with a simple adjustment.

More importantly, without that simple adjustment, your childrens spines can grow damaged without fixing their subluxations. The best way to help them become healthy teenagers and then adults is to provide them with an optimal nervous system and spine.

Bring your child in for a free consultation and exam and I will personally fix your child's misaligned spine. Together we can give your child a chance to live a much healthier life.

For your convenience, I have become a participating provider in the State issued Allkids/Kidcare program. I do accept medicaid insurance for the whole family.

If you have any questions about the care of your child please call our office or use or contact section of this site and I will promptly answer any questions you may have.